Residents’ fears over plan to extend Lower Earley Asda’s delivery hours

RESIDENTS living near a major supermarket have been urged to object to plans for round the clock deliveries or “face sleepless nights”.

The call came after Asda lodged a planning application to extend current delivery hours at the Chalfont Way store in Lower Earley.

If passed by Wokingham Borough Council, the new times would also include weekends and Bank Holidays.

One concerned local called on people to make their objections known or face “increased noise and trucks”.

“A previous application that was refused by WBC was then approved by an Inspector on appeal, partly because local people did not make their voices heard,” said the resident, who did not want to be named.

“If Asda gets its way, it will mean noisy deliveries and trucks working at all hours. In the summer, many people have their windows open during the night and the noise will be unbearable.

“It will be no better in the winter when drivers struggle with snow and ice and they will have to compete with heavy trucks coming along Chalfont Way or Rushey Way which have enough traffic already. We don’t need any more.”

Another local warned Lower Earley would become “a lorry park” if Asda’s plans are approved.

“The store made a similar application in 2010 which was rejected,” she explained.

“However, it was overturned on appeal which saw Asda increase its delivery times. I live near the store and I can hear lorries slow down to negotiate the road humps as they enter the delivery area off Rushey Way. More deliveries will see our roads turned into lorry parks as

trucks wait to get in and out near the entrance beside the Loddon Valley Leisure Centre.

“My neighbours and I plan to object because we don’t want that happening round the clock seven days a week. My advice is if you want to sleep soundly, don’t sleepwalk through the application process but make your voices heard now.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We have applied for a temporary variation of our delivery hours to help improve availability for our customers.

“A Service Yard Management Plan has also been submitted outlining how deliveries will be taken and managed, and we’ll continue to work with officers as the application progresses.”

Asda’s planning application can be seen by logging on to and searching for application number 191385.

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James Hastings
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