REVIEW: Moomins discover Christmas in The Fir Tree

Moomins The Fir Tree
The Moomins are at Norden Farm this Christmas Picture: Luminous Photography

The Fir Tree
Until December 30
Norden Farm
01628 788997

The Moomin family is hibernating in the drawing room as is their custom. They aren’t planning on surfacing until spring time, when all of a sudden an icy draught disturbs poor little Moomintroll’s slumber.

One of the Hemulens is tugging at his covers, complaining that he is just so tired and Christmas is coming. The Moomins don’t know what on earth he’s talking about as they are not a Christmassy species.

At first they assume this ‘Christmas’ is a frightening entity that must be placated.

Join Moomintroll, Moominpappa and Moominmamma on an adventure to discover the true festive spirit. The young and the not so young alike will be enchanted by this magical and funny tale based on Tove Jansson’s The Fir Tree, which has a wonderfully unselfish message at its heart and features fantastic live puppetry, music and a brilliantly clever set.

For more details or to book tickets visit Norden Farm’s website. 



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