ROUND THE BRIDGE TABLE: Why it’s sometimes better to wait than dive straight in

By June Booty

This week I would like to look at why it is sometimes better to wait and No Bid in a competitive auction rather than diving straight in.

East opened 1C rather than 1NT because E-W were playing 15-17 for a 1NT opening.

South No Bid and West responded 1D.

I was playing North and had this lovely 20 point hand but did not have a bid that fitted so I chose to No Bid.

I knew this was safe because 1D is forcing and East would have to rebid, meaning I would get another opportunity.

East rebid 1NT, which shows 12-14 in their system, South and West passed, and it was back to me.

I now Doubled, which showed a strong hand that was ‘waiting’ on my previous turn, and showed I wanted to penalise the opponents and play in 1NTx.

East passed and my partner John correctly bid 2S to take out my penalty double as he was so weak and distributional.

This was the final contract as I reluctantly passed when it was again my turn, following the principle of “Trust your Partner”.

This proved to be a good decision because John made nine tricks which gave us a good score.

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