What is the truth of rumours about McDonald’s and Wilko coming to Wokingham?

Ronald McDonald - the mascot of McDonald's Picture: Vijayanarasimha / 247 images / pixabay

RUMOURS that Wilko and McDonald’s could be moving in to Wokingham town centre have been quashed by the companies.

There has been talk that the former Marks & Spencer store in Peach Street could be a new branch of the popular homeware retailer, while there has been talk that fast food chain McDonald’s is one of the names poised to sign up to the new retail developments in either Elms Field or Peach Place.

However, a spokesperson for Wilko said that while it would love to move in to Wokingham, it is not currently on the cards, and a similar response was supplied by McDonald’s.

A spokesperson for Wilko said: “We don’t have any current plans to open a new store in Wokingham, but we would be very interested in bringing a store to customers in the area in the future.”

And echoing the views, a McDonald’s spokesperson told The Wokingham Paper: “McDonald’s currently does not have plans to open a restaurant in Wokingham, however we continue to monitor for opportunities in the area.

“We believe it will bring positive investment to the area and new jobs for local people.”

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