Sea shanties with Wokingham Festival guests The Salts

The Salts
The Salts. Picture by Rob Blackham /

A TOUCH of the seaside is promised to visitors of Wokingham Festival on Sunday. And it’s all thanks to a band who are making (sea) waves.

The Salts aim to put their own distinctive sound on both well-known and more obscure sea shanties as well their own original songs – you can hear them for yourself when they perform during the afternoon on the second day of the festival.

The group are said to be one of the most exciting and energetic concepts around, as they perform original material alongside their own interpretations of traditional songs we all know and love.

Organisers say that their live shows have been going down a storm throughout the UK at festivals and venues alike.

The band features five seasoned musicians collectively performing a mixture of instruments as well as great harmonies and are guaranteed to get the crowd singing and dancing along.

Their latest album ‘Brave’ has received rave reviews and radio plays around the world.

Folk Words said that the group are “unafraid to blend, develop and move folk forward while still retaining an abiding and healthy respect for tradition.

“And sometimes along the way taking the tradition to places it never thought to go. And that’s a prime-mover in the music of The Salts and their album Brave … freedom and fearlessness to invent.”

BBC Radio 2 contributor Mike Harding said that they produce “Incredibly gutsy stuff with a big sound”.

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