Sir John Redwood: ‘Parliament is the lackey of Brussels’

WOKINGHAM MP Sir John Redwood has renewed his calls for a General Election, adding that he feels that ‘Parliament is the lackey of Brussels’.

He made his views known in two tweets, backed up with a post on his blog.

The comments come after Boris Johnson’s Government was forced to delay passing a new deal on Brexit, to allow Parliament proper time to scrutinise is first.

In the first tweet Sir John said:

“There’s no point in this Parliament continuing unless sufficient Opposition MPs agree to vote for some of the Bills in the Queen’s Speech or the legislative programme is just a fantasy list. Parliament is unwilling to come together to achieve anything which is why we need a GE.”

In the second, he noted: “The debate about Brexit needs moving on. It is debate about the restoration of a free and independent country. We want an accountable democracy. This Parliament is the lackey of Brussels, seeking to block the People’s Decision.”

Sir John, like Theresa May, voted against the Letwin amendment that passed in Parliament.

Dr Phillip Lee and Matt Rodda, Wokingham borough’s two other MPs, voted in favour.

The amendment was passed as Parliament sat on a Saturday for the first time since 1982, and as an estimated million people marched outside to show their support for a second referendum.

As a result, Boris Johnson has had to send a letter to the EU requesting an extension to Brexit so the country would not leave on no deal terms, something that parliament has consistently voted against.

In addition to this letter, which he declined to sign, the Prime Minister sent a second letter outlining why he wanted to leave on October 31.

Sir John’s blog touched on this.

“The UK has already had two delay requests accepted. There does not seem to be any point in a further delay. The EU is not going to negotiate further,” he noted.

“I think the PM should set out his legal case for not sending a signed letter, and for sending a clear indication that he does not want a delay. More importantly, he should talk to the nation about why the Benn Act is just the Breaking the PMs promises Act I described yesterday which should not be deemed good law. The last thing we need now is delay.

“The debate about Brexit needs moving on. It is not a debate between no deal and deal. No deal is a whole set of agreements and arrangements for a clean WTO exit which is the best outcome from here.

“This is not a debate about the minutiae of customs arrangements, but a debate about the restoration of a free and independent country. We want an accountable democracy. This Parliament is the lackey of Brussels, seeking to block the people’s Decision.”

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