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Sir John Redwood says Dr Phillip Lee will be ‘unpopular’ with Wokingham voters over seat switch

Sir John Redwood
Sir John Redwood

THE Conservative MP that will face a challenge at the next General Election from his former colleague has said that his opponent will be “unpopular”. 

Sir John Redwood has been Wokingham’s MP since 1987. On Saturday, the Liberal Democrats announced that Dr Phillip Lee would contest the seat in the forthcoming General Election, instead of his current Bracknell seat. 

“I quite understand why Dr Lee feels he cannot face his own electors in Bracknell after letting them down so badly by joining a party he strongly opposed in the 2017 election and crossing the floor of the House to upstage the Prime Minister,” Sir John told The Wokingham Paper

“He will be unpopular with Conservatives for changing sides, and with some Lib Dems who dislike many of the views he expressed and voted for as a Conservative until recently.”

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I cannot believe that anybody would vote for Phillip Lee after the way he has treated his Bracknell constituents, and his party.
Anybody with an ounce of common sense must realise that if he has done it once, he can do it again.
By all means, vote for a Liberal Democrat if that is your wish, but Phillip Lee should resign and let a true Liberal Democrat take his place, not someone who swaps parties for there own cause.
As for John Redwood, he is carrying out the majority vote,
not Wokinghams, whether you like it or not.
Right wing or Left respect the referendum.
It’s called Democracy.


You sound rattled Mr Redwood. Why is that? Is it because Wokingham is a staunch remain constituency and you suspect that Dr. Lee’s views may represent Wokingham voters far more strongly than you do?


Why did Phillip Lee leave Bracknell . Are Bracknell voters no longer his cuppa tea ? or did they wake up to his duplicity ?

Jonathan Miller

400 constituencies voted to leave.
So virtually all MPs should resign.
Especially Phillip Lee, given that Bracknell voted leave.
Surely Redwood and Lee merely cancel each other out.


Mr Redwood’s snide comments are likely to irritate the many Conservatives who had “no choice” but to vote for Mr Redwood in the previous election, as many people felt there was no circle alternative to the Tories. Wanting a Conservative government meant being forced to vote for Mr Redwood who really has not represented the majority view of his constituency adequately for many years. His arrogance aside, I expect he is very miffed that there is now a viable alternative candidate. I really don’t appreciate the condescending manner in which he pronounces how I, as a sensible person, will think about Mr Lee. I’m perfectly capable of forming my own opinions and conclusions. I would very much like to see me Redwood lose his seat for failing to represent us on Brexit issues.


Ah … failing the represent your views on Brexit . Just like Lee in Bracknell . He also does not represent the Lib Dem values on lots of issues . Maybe he should be stand as an Independent. Lets be clear , he is only hitching his ride with the Lib Dems ticket as he is politically homeless for being a completely useless MP on may levels for the last nine years


It seems like Mr Redwoods blind followers are starting to get worried….the Wokingham seat may no longer be a given for the ever caring Mr Redwood. About time to.

Geoffrey W Ryder

For the reasons stated by others I will vote for Phillip Lee. In the Referendum Wokingham voted by a MARGIN of over 20% to remain in the EC. Sir John Redwood did not even support Teresa May in her valiant efforts to achieve a smooth Brexit. If an MP does not respect the views of a majority of his or her constituents he should stand down!

Geoffrey W Ryder

I have lived in Wokingham for 23 years and will vote for Philip Lee. Redwood did not support Teresa May in her valiant efforts to achieve Brexit. SirJohn Redwood is to the extreme right of the Conservative Party. He has not represented the constituents who elected him who voted by a MARGIN of over 20% to REMAIN in the EC. How can he expect us to vote for him again if he promotes his own political views and not those of the majority of constituents who elected him?


It is about time someone spooked Mr Redwood. I live in Lower Earley and I doubt he even knows where it is. I for one will be backing Mr Lee and believe he has a real chance of winning in a general election. I expect more comments like this from Mr Redwood the closer an election gets. I would not expect anything else from a man who really doesn’t represent the vast majority of like minded Wokingham people who want to remain in the EU.

Joe Loggs

Completely agree with the previous comments, I for one will be voting for Philip.
I can’t understand how John Redwood continues to push for Brexit, hard brext at that, when his constituents are largely remain.
Just shows he doesn’t care!!
Time to get rid of John.


Au contraire Mr Redwood. Lib Dem all my life and for the first time in 26 years living in Wokingham we have a strong chance to unseat Redwood who continues to oppose what Wokingham electors want in relation to Europe. The 57% remainers in the referendum and voters producing the Lib Dem majority in this year’s EU elections will get behind Philip Lee and return a Lib Dem MP for Wokingham.


Agree with you Jon. I think Phillip Lee will be a genuine threat to unseat John Redwood given the clobbering the Consevatives got during the EU election, although whether this translates to a GE I’m not sure. I John Redwood recognises this hence he’s started making comments like this.

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