Siren Craft Brew: Determined to still give the people our best brews.


What a surreal time we’re living in right now. None of us can quite get our heads round how this is all playing out. At the moment, we’re having daily meetings to try and tackle problems that we just don’t know enough about. However, as a team we have rallied, pulled extra shifts and dedicated to securing the long term survival of the brewery. 

A case in point with this is that I started writing this on Monday late afternoon. Now it’s Tuesday morning and I’ve had to start again – things change that quickly. 

As of last night, we’re now on lockdown. This means that the Siren Tap Yard has now had to close. Whilst we’re sad about this, it’s a very important step and the right thing for the Government to do at this time. We all need to take this seriously and follow guidelines. 

However, we can’t stop the flow of beer to you, the people. Whilst a pint in the pub might be the light at the end of the tunnel, some great beers at home are the lights along the way.

For the time being, our webshop remains active for home delivery. This is something that we will attempt to keep running as long as possible. 

At the moment, we have a shop stocked with loads of amazing beers, including the likes of ‘Futurist’, a gluten-free session IPA and Pompelmocello, our juicy grapefruit sour IPA, and many many more!

You may remember us talking about our anniversary barley wine blend, Maiden ‘19. Freshly wax-sealed bottles of Maiden ‘19 are also now available, perfect to sip away those long evenings, or keep stored as something to look forward to when all this is over. 

Before we go, we just want to give a huge thank you for everyone who’s been coming to the Tap Yard or placing web orders. It’s a turbulent time and we’re truly humbled by the way everyone has rallied to support us. 

Wokingham Paper readers can now get 10% off the Siren Craft Brew webshop using code  WOKINGHAM10 at checkout! 

Stay safe, stay home and keep washing those hands.

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