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Siren Craft Brew: Lumina has landed!

It’s official, Lumina has landed! 

Last week, our brand new flagship beer, a 4.2% Session IPA, was officially launched and joined Yu Lu, Calypso, Soundwave and Broken Dream as part of our regular core output. 

We’ve been working hard on Lumina behind the scenes for some time now – it’s a huge operation to launch a flagship beer in normal times, let alone during a pandemic. It all started sometime ago with the concept stages of what we wanted this beer to be. We’ve considered

 there to be an obvious gap in our range for some time, a bridge between 3.6% Yu Lu and 5.6% Soundwave. A straight-up crushable session beer that ticks all the boxes – thirst quenching, easy drinking, full of hops and uncompromising on flavour. 

Some of you may have had “Refractions”, a beer that we’ve been tweaking and perfecting over the last number of months. The version we were happy with eventually became Lumina. 

Each of our flagship beers features a stream-of-consciousness style canvas, delving into the character, the story and personality – fictional, abstract and intertwined with the liquid inside. You actually only get a small sense of the scale of this from the can itself, so like others in the range, you’ll see this start to expand into various crops for special releases over time.

Lumina is an epiphany moment for Siren, a coming together of experience, experimentation and evolution to create our most accessible session beer ever, with poise and adventure of universal appeal. It’s that feeling of epiphany that first sparked the ‘energy’ of this design. A central burning energy source emanates movement across the canvas, with themes of luminosity and navigation weaving in and out of the sky.

With  the astro theme in mind, we think we might be the first brewery to ever create their own personalised Planisphere. This will come in handy on July 31st, when we host a star gazing night with Dr Becky Smethurst. 

Head to the website link below to check out our incredible Star Gazing mixed case, which is available for pre-order now. So get your orders in, look up to the stars and join us for an amazing night of space and beer! 

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