Six Nations of Beer competition at Wokingham bar

The Six Nations of Beer is taking part at Sit and Sip next weekend.

RUGBY fans can enjoy a taste of the Six Nations and help identify the best beer from the competing countries. 

Next weekend, Sit and Sip in Wokingham will be holding a Six Nations of Beer contest — drinkers need to guess which nation will rack up the highest number of sales. 

The beers on offer are Fierce Brewing (Scotland), Magic Rock Brewing (England), Little Hag (Ireland), Tiny Rebel Brew (Wales), Dupont Saison (France) and Lisa Lager (Italy). 

James Mattingley, owner of Sit and Sip said: “We wanted to do something special to mark the Six Nations and this is a brilliant way to celebrate each of the nations taking part. 

“We’ve got a different beer to represent each of the teams involved and we encourage rugby fans to come down, give them a try and let us know which they think is the best, and which will sell the most by Sunday, February 23. 

“We hope that everyone enjoys these six beers as much as we do.”

To enter rugby supporters must take a selfie with their chosen beer then tag Sit & Sip in the picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

They should use the hashtag #sixnationsofbeer along with the nation they think will sell the most. 

The top prize is a rugby shirt and a growler full of beer.

The winner will be chosen at random after February 23. Although they will have to wait much longer to find out the winner of the Six Nations themselves. 

For more details visit Sit and Sip, in Peach Place, Wokingham. 

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