Slimming World Mum completes Reading Half Marathon

A weight-loss expert is encouraging mums and dads in Finchampstead and Wokingham to give themselves the best spring ever by treating themselves to a healthy new lifestyle.

Kirstie Baker has lost three stone thanks to Slimming World and recently completed Reading half marathon. She can’t help but agree!

The Mum, who has a one-year-old, says: “Joining Slimming World last year was one of the best decisions I ever made. By food optimising, increasing the body magic and staying for group each week I have managed to achieve what once seemed beyond reach.

“Before Slimming World, I found it hard to exercise, diet and lose weight at the same time. I relied heavily on gels and energy drinks when running and often over ate after exercise with portions that were too big. Now, food optimising gives you so much freedom that it is easy to fuel for races smartly and still lose weight.

“Finding time to run with a little one can be tricky but it’s important to make time to look after yourself.

“Running has become a great way for me to relax and it’s not just for the sake of exercise anymore. It’s part of my lifestyle now.

“If I can do it, anyone can!”

Kirstie continues: “I am happier, healthier and lighter and I owe a massive thank you to my group and consultant Jenny for keeping me focused and supporting me along the way.”

Around 20 million adults in the UK are insufficiently active, putting them at a significantly greater risk of heart and circulatory disease and premature death, and costing the NHS as much as £1.2 billion a year. (British Heart Foundation: Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behaviour Report 2017).

Jenny Walker, who runs the Finchampstead Slimming World group, says: “In our digital age when being sedentary (sitting) is increasing it can be so hard to know how and where to start.

“The great thing about Slimming World is it promotes physical activity as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and as key to the success of maintaining weight loss.

“We provide support to facilitate behaviour change towards a more active lifestyle via our physical activity programme, Body Magic, introduced in 2003.

“That is why I am so proud of Kirstie Baker and her recent achievements, as she has embraced all Slimming World has to offer with Food Optimising helping her to slim and our Body Magic program with it becoming a key part of her lifestyle which will help her maintain her weight in the future.”

A survey of 1,000 members participating in the Body Magic programme showed clear increases in physical activity levels.

Benefits reported included having more energy (37%), enjoying exercise now (33%), improved shape and posture (31%), being more mobile in daily life (29%), improved mood (25%), being calmer and less stressed (25%) and being able to sleep better (22%).

Jenny continues: “The changes we’ve seen in Kirstie are incredible. I hope her success will inspire other people in Finchampstead who’d like to lose weight by forming new lifestyle habits and become happier and healthier to take action.

“There’s a warm welcome waiting at Slimming World and, just think, if you start today you could feel like a completely new person just like Kirstie.”

The Finchampstead Slimming World group is held every Tuesday at 5.30pm or 7.30pm at Finchampstead C of E School. For more information about Slimming World visit

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