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SNOW LATEST: Warnings of freezing fog, heavy snow and lots of ice for Wokingham borough

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A NEW snow warning has been issued as winter continues its grip on Wokingham borough, with a deluge of the white stuff currently forecast for the evening of Thursday, January 31.

But before we get there, The Met Office has issued a warning for ice and fog for tonight.

Freezing fog is expected to arrive from around 3am on Thursday, January 31 and linger through to the morning rush hour.

It is also going to be a cold night, with temperatures down to -3ºC, but wind chill making it feel like it is -6ºC. It’s not as cold as the United States, but it will still be cold enough for ice to form.

Thursday daytime is expected to be cloudy in the morning before sunny spells, but this is the calm before the snow storm.

Another cold weather front is coming across the country and it will cloud over throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

The Met Office seems to be fairly certain that snow will fall in Wokingham on Thursday, January 31

The Met Office is fairly certain that there will be snow showers from around 7pm, getting heavier throughout the evening. At the time of writing, it gave heavy snow showers from 8pm a 90% probability rating.

The snow is expected to continue to fall until rush hour on Friday, February 1.

With today being a dry day, and tomorrow expected to only be snow showers, there is a strong chance that this could be settling snow. The Met Office seems uncertain as to how much will fall, but a couple of centimetres seems likely.

Friday will be cold and cloudy, with Saturday similar.

But forecasting snow is very difficult to do, and even if snow does fall in one part of the borough it may not fall in another part.

The Met Office issues weather warnings, but changes them appropriately as new information comes in. Sunday’s forecast for snow on the Tuesday just gone changed frequently, even on Tuesday itself. In the end, there were a few flurries of snow but nothing settled and rain took hold.

Thursday’s forecast is different as The Met Office is only forecasting snow.

We will keep you updated.

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