Steps collapsed at Wokingham train station footbridge

Steps at Wokingham Station collapsed this morning. Picture: Phil Creighton

PEDESTRIANS have been mildly inconvenienced as collapsed steps on Wokingham’s pedestrian footbridge forced closure of one side.

The steps on one side of the pedestrian bridge at Wokingham Station collapsed. Picture: Phil Creighton

One of the steps on one side of the Oxford Road approach to the footbridge at Wokingham Station has come adrift, forcing closure of one of the two lower ascents.

The upper ascent, crosswalk and Waterloo Road side remains undamaged and keeping the footbridge open.

The steps remain open from one side. Picture: Phil Creighton

One pensioner, who asked to remain anonymous, described the scene.

“It was awful, the Heras fencing blocking pedestrian access on one side is totally out of keeping with this heritage structure.

“It’s an eyesore as well as a major inconvenience.” He added: “I had to walk an extra ten yards and at my age, that’s no mean feat I can tell you.”

The steps remain open from the other side, meaning the bridge is still passable for those needing to catch a train.

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Heaven forbid having to walk an extra 10 yards… Personally I feel for the presumably contracted individual who network rail have employed to make sure none of Wokinghams precious snowflakes might try to take a ‘shortcut’ through the barriers placed for their safety !