STORM DENNIS: Wokingham floods as heavy rain falls

Storm Dennis Flooding
Flood waters at Greenswards Lane, Arborfield

STORM DENNIS has led to widespread flooding across the borough, with residents facing roads underwater. 

One of the worst affected is Greensward Lane, off the A327 between Arborfield and Shinfield. This is the third time this winter that it has been flooded. 

Storm Dennis
Flood waters at Greensward Lane, Arborfield

A resident told The Wokingham Paper that the problem had only happened since the start of the construction of the Arborfield Relief Road. 

Earlier today, Wokingham Borough Council leader Cllr John Halsall visited the site to see the flooding for himself, with a team from Volker Highways and the council’s highways department. 

He promised action over the flooding, and to find the root cause: “I hope we will sort it out on Monday,” he said.

“Volker Highways are here and we’ve got sandbags to most of the homes. No homes have an ingress so far, so far so good.”

Storm Dennis
Surface water on the A327 today

And, to any resident affected, he added: “Get in contact with me and I’ll do my best to get it sorted”. 

It is not the only problem. 

Church Lane, leading to St Bartholomew’s Church in Arbrforfield, was underwater at lunchtime today. 

Storm Dennis
Church Lane in Arborfield was flooded

Elsewhere in Arborfield, there was water on the road between Waterman’s View and Sheerlands Road.

Sandford Lane, which links Woodley to Hurst, is also underwater. 

A Range Rover was seen stuck in the ford at New Mill Lane in Finchampstead. 

Storm Dennis
Flooding at The Emmbrook School entrance. The school has not been flooded

The entrance to The Emmbrook School in Emmbrook is heavily flooded as the Emm Brook’s water levels rise. 

The school said in posts on social media that flood prevention measures had been put in place and that only the entrance was affected. 

The note read: “(Headteacher) Mr McSweeney has been round the whole site and all is fine – we don’t expect any further rises in water, so it is just a waiting game for the ‘puddle’ to subside”.

Storm Dennis
The entrance to Eldridge Park was flooded

The entrance to Eldridge Park off Twyford Road was flooded over, causing problems for residents getting in and out. 

There was also some surface water flooding on the A329m, but this was mainly on the hard shoulder. 

And trees have been falling. One went down in Shinfield, two have been reported in Dinton Pastures. 

Storm Dennis
There was flooding at the River Thames as it burst its banks

Fencing at Sainsbury’s in Winnersh was also damaged. 

Storm Dennis has passed now, and it is expected to be dry and cold overnight. 

However, a yellow weather warning is still in place.

Storm Dennis
Trees have been falling across the borough

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