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Coronavirus Featured Wokingham

Coronavirus – Big jump in nationally reported cases, but just one additional case in Wokingham borough

Phil Creighton
The number of people who have caught the coronavirus has increased substantially across the country. New data released by the Government shows that there are...
Featured General Politics Vote 2019

VOTE 2019: Conservative leader Cllr Julian McGhee-Sumner says, ‘We have a strong track record of running a very efficient council’

Phil Creighton
LAST WEEK’S Wokingham Paper featured extensive coverage of the civic funeral for Alderman Bob Wyatt. Former mayor, borough and town councillor and Austin enthusiast, he...
Opinion Opinion

TONY JOHNSON: Wokingham elections 2018 – your votes counted

Tony Johnson
The 2018 Borough Election campaigns came to an end on Thursday, May 3 – as over 40,000 of us went to the polling stations. Of...