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Tributes paid to former Wokingham Borough Council leader Frank Browne

Phil Creighton
A FORMER leader of Wokingham Borough Council has died. He passed away at home. Frank Browne was in charge between 2002 and 2009, stepping down not...
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‘It is estimated that 75% of local independent newspapers are facing closure’ – campaign calls on readers to write to their MPs to save local news

Phil Creighton
A CAMPAIGN has been launched to help save local independent news publishers – of which Wokingham.Today is one.  Research has found that independent news providers...
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Theresa May ‘understands the anger’ of constituents over Dominic Cummings’ Durham flit

Phil Creighton
MAIDENHEAD MP Theresa May has joined the chorus of parliamentarians who have criticised Dominic Cummings for his flit to Durham, saying that by doing so...
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A Christmas greeting to you from Maidenhead MP Theresa May

Staff Writer
I would like to wish all readers of The Wokingham Paper a very Merry Christmas. Christmas is a magical time. A time that brings people...
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Who's that picking up litter? Former prime minister Theresa May joins clean-up campaign

Phil Creighton
A COMMUNITY group that aims to look after Charvil has had a helping hand from the former prime minister Theresa May.  She joined the team...
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VOTE 2019: Theresa May comfortably holds Maidenhead seat, but sees share of vote decline

Phil Creighton
IN MAIDENHEAD, Theresa May saw her share of the vote decline as the Lib Dem support increased. The former prime minister still won comfortably, with...
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Why does Wokingham borough have four MPs (including former Prime Minister Theresa May)?

Phil Creighton
Wokingham parliamentary constituency might share its name with Wokingham borough unitary authority and Wokingham town, but all three are completely different. It’s easy to confuse...
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‘I hope that every young girl who has seen a woman Prime Minister now knows for sure that there are no limits to what they can achieve’: Theresa May offers inspiration in her final address as Prime Minister

Phil Creighton
THERESA MAY said in her final moments as Prime Minister that she hoped she has inspired "every young girl" that had seen her in the...