Thames Valley company helps Wokingham businesses with new touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser

A THAMES VALLEY company has helped Wokingham businesses by launching what it says is the UK’s first completely touch-free wireless hand sanitiser dispenser in response to the coronavirus crisis.

The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Kiosk, by chemical distribution company Chemtra Limited, is aimed at entrances to shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, offices, and will soon be seen across the borough to protect staff and customers as part of the ‘new normal’.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends regular hand washing using soap or hand sanitiser to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

The Igieniko dispenser includes a touch-free, pedal-operated system and is the world’s first fire-proof wood sanitiser. The user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot down on the pedal and out squeezes the gel.

With no hand contact, the safety and hygiene of users is ensured at all times and means organisations can actively contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus and other bacteria.

Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited in Doncastle Road, Bracknell, said: “As lockdown restrictions are further eased in the UK and more non-essential shops and businesses start opening up again, the new Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Kiosk can help stop the spread of Covid-19 on the high street and in offices.

“Thanks to the practical pedal-operated system, employees and customers are totally safe from touching a potentially contaminated hand sanitiser dispenser.”

He added: “Igieniko provides 5,000 pumps from a single cartridge, with a duration 10 times longer than the common dispenser available which typically offer around 500 deliveries.

“The gel compartment is compatible with any type of hand sanitiser and has a volume 10 times greater than similar dispensers on the market with a maximum capacity of 500ml.”

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