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The dog ate my glasses … family’s praise for speedy help from Wokingham optician

Still friends: Chloe has forgiven puppy Pebble for chewing her spectacles

IN NORMAL times, schoolchildren everywhere have often promised the teacher that the dog definitely ate their homework.

But in these home-schooling days, pooches seem to be getting more elaborate with their espionage.

Just ask Estelle Jackson, the proud owner of two eight-month-old French bulldogs.

With the fine weather last week – and no school to get to the next day – her 12-year-old daughter Chloe was camping out in their garden with her sister.

All well and good, except she forgot to place her glasses in their protective case before going to sleep.

And quicker than you can say ‘Walkies’, puppy Pebble found them and chewed them – frames, lenses and all.

The damaged glasses

Estelle said: “Pebble had eaten the lenses out, and broken the arms off. Luckily she didn’t swallow anything, but treated them more like a chew-toy to play with.

“French Bulldogs are brilliant and adorable, but thievish and cheeky too.

“Pebble leaves everything in her wake, she’s destroyed the garden, she eats pencils, the list goes on.”


After discovering the damage, Estelle reached out to the Wokingham branch of Specsavers to see what could be done.

“I sent an email to their team, and they called me back within an hour to help. They said because Chloe’s prescription was relatively new, they could sort new glasses for her – they just couldn’t fit them in person.

“The next day, they called back to say the glasses were ready – they were so quick. We went down to the store, and handed the pair over with gloves through the door.”

What a cute face!

Estelle then messaged Specsavers via social media to thank the team for the speed at which they helped her daughter.

“They were so friendly and helpful. I think it’s important to say thank you, especially when people do a brilliant job,” she added.

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