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‘The fact I cannot even look forward to my prom is upsetting’

St Crispins libby allen
Libby Allen, who is disappointed at missing her Prom at St. Crispin's School which has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Crisis Main Picture: Steve Smyth for Wokingham.Today

TEENAGER Libby Allen was looking forward to her school prom, but the day passed without a disco ball in sight.

Like thousands of students across the borough, Libby’s lessons at St Crispin’s ended months in advance, and the end-of-year celebrations cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the 15-year-old said the abrupt end to the year has left students “without closure”.

For her, the parties and leavers assemblies were the symbol of an end.

Now, she is headed off to The Henley College, where she will study criminology, biology and psychology at A-Level.

Her decision to leave the school only motivated by the choice of her subjects and teaching availability.

She told Wokingham.Today: “I completely understand why leavers day and prom could not be held this year due to the pandemic.

“However, instead, they have chosen to hold a summer ball next year. As for ex-students, we are not allowed even the opportunity to choose to come.

“I feel I’ve had no appreciation for my hard work over the five years I spent at the school and mine, and many others, mental state has not been considered.”

But St Crispin’s said they cannot host the event for students after they have left, due to insurance.

Headteacher Ginny Rhodes told Libby: “I am not in a position to be responsible for such an event with students whom will at that point will have left for nearly a year.”

Libby Allen
Libby Allen, disappointed at missing her Prom at St. Crispin’s School which has been cancelled due to the Covid 19 Crisis. Picture: Steve Smyth for The Wokingham Paper

Libby said: “I cannot imagine the number of teenagers across the borough who are due to be
ex-students and am in the same position as me … the fact I cannot even look forward to a future prom is disheartening and upsetting.”

She added: “They haven’t considered the disappointment and anger a lot of us are feeling. It’s just so negative, there’s no apology or appreciation for us.”

She has created a petition, asking St Crispin’s to reconsider their decision and allow the class of 2020 to attend the event.

Ms Rhodes told Wokingham.Today: “The consequences of Covid-19 have prevented the end-of-the-era opportunities that we would have all wanted. 

“Last week the school held The Great St Crispin’s Drive Thru Special Event to say farewell.  The car park was festively dressed and all students and their parents greeted by members of staff and received hoodies, photographs and a small farewell token.”

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Ruled Bydog

Dear God, entitled much? Why on earth do you need ‘closure’? You finished school. You got the exam results needed to go on to college, THAT’S your reward for your hard work. You didn’t even have to sit your exams to do it. Get a grip love, and welcome to the adult world.

James joset

Arrange your own reunion

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