Theresa May ‘understands the anger’ of constituents over Dominic Cummings’ Durham flit

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The former Prime Minister voted against the free school meal voucher scheme

MAIDENHEAD MP Theresa May has joined the chorus of parliamentarians who have criticised Dominic Cummings for his flit to Durham, saying that by doing so he had not followed the spirit of the guidance. 

She added that she could understand the anger of her constituents over the matter. 

Last weekend, it was revealed that Cummings, who serves as an adviser to Boris Johnson, had taken his family from London to Durham to stay at a property on his father-in-law’s estate. They had left so they would have childcare as they thought they had come down with coronavirus. 

The Cummings’ family also went on a drive to Barnard Castle so he could test his eyesight before driving back to London so he could return to work at Downing Street. 

The controversy comes because at the time the nation had been told to self-isolate at home if they showed any signs of coronavirus, in case they shared the virus with others. 

MPs have received thousands of emails from constituents expressing their anger, so much so that many have been acknowledging comments with standardised replies. 

Mrs May, who was Prime Minister until last summer, has kept quiet about the affair until yesterday. 

Her Maidenhead parliamentary constituency includes parts of Sonning, Twyford, Hurst, Wargrave and Ruscombe, all in Wokingham borough. 

She said: “What this matter has shown is that there was a discrepancy between the simple messages given by the Government and the details of the legislation passed by Parliament.

“In these circumstances, I do not feel that Mr Cummings followed the spirit of the guidance. I can well understand the anger of those who have been abiding by the spirit of the guidance given by the Government and expect others to do so.

“One of my biggest concerns has been that the ongoing focus on Mr Cummings has been detracting from the most important task, which is dealing with coronavirus and starting the process of recovery and easing lockdown.

“During this challenging period, my office and I will continue to work hard to support constituents, to work with the local community and to raise ongoing concerns and views with the Government.”

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