These young people had their say on the EU referendum. Their verdict will surprise you

Luckley House pupils count the votes in their mock EU referendum

The big question on everyone’s mind is should Britain leave the EU or not?

Not only does this massive decision affect adults but it also affects children – probably more, because we’re the ones who will have to live with whatever decision is made for the longest, writes Sophia, a pupil at Luckley House School

At Luckley House School we have been discussing the facts and opinions of the referendum.

We asked the pupils at our school ‘would they like to stay or leave?’ and 74% of pupils at our school said they want to stay, but why is this?

Immigration has a large impact on our decision. What will happen to EU citizens currently living here? What will happen to British citizens living in Europe?

The answer to all these questions seem uncertain but our school agrees with the fact that we should do our duty as a country and take in refugees.

The ‘Leave’ campaign does not always differentiate between economic immigration and refugees from war-torn countries but immigration can be good for the economy.

Another thing that impacted our decision was terrorism and the security of our country.
The ‘Leave’ campaign say that being in the EU makes it easier for terrorists to come to the UK but on the other hand Britain doesn’t have open borders.

This is one of the agreements that Britain have made with the EU: we can shut the borders if we like. And what about the fact that being in the EU means that all of our security services share information with each other? Will this still happen if we leave?
Not only will leaving the EU make it harder to leave and enter the country but it will also have a big impact on farming, trade, defence with other countries, jobs, and the economy.
Everyone has their personal opinion and consider both sides of the argument before you vote.

The majority at Luckley have said they want to stay but what do you think: stay or leave?


What Luckley pupils think about EU

Skye: ‘I would vote to Stay because if we leave, then the country is likely to go into recession.’

Sri: ‘I would vote to Stay because I think we need immigrants to do the jobs British people don’t want to do.’

Lucy: ‘I voted Stay because there are too many uncertainties with leaving.’

Elizabeth: ‘I voted Leave, because we put more money into the EU than we get out at the moment, which doesn’t seem right. I also think there has been unequal amounts of migration across Europe and Britain has just had too much.’

V: ‘I would vote for you to leave. My parents work and earn money in another European country. I think it will be good for us if Britain leaves, because economically the value of the pound will drop in comparison to what my parents are earning, so my school fees will cost my parents less.’

Sacha: ‘I know that if we leave our country will be a mess at the beginning, but I think long term it will be better. I think it will be good for us to make our own laws and be independent.’

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