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‘They're doing 100mph’: Hurst villagers call for action over speeding cars

Speeding hurst

A teacher is campaigning for a speed camera and a pedestrian crossing outside popular family outing spot, Dinton Pastures on the Hurst/Winnersh border.

Matt Love, 35, who lives in Davis Street opposite the park’s main entrance, told a meeting at Hurst Village Hall: “Every day more and more visitors to the park cross that road. There are lots of families with their dogs.”

A speed camera and a crossing would help keep pedestrians safe from speeding vehicles.

Mr Love, a governor at St Nicholas CofE Primary School but who teaches in Bisham, said nighttime speeds were even faster. “Traffic is flying down that road at 90-100mph. It’s so loud it wakes us up.”

The meeting, last Friday, was called to discuss villagers’ record-making replies to a survey to create a Neighbourhood Plan. The idea is that locals’ wishes can influence new building plans and other changes. It could also help protect things they value most.

A total of 41% of households took part in the survey – the top reply rate for any such plan in the borough.

Hurst neighbourhood plan
Matt Love with Cllr Wayne Smith Picture: Sue Corcoran

More than 40 villagers at the village hall heard Hurst Parish Council chair Wayne Smith report back on the survey.

Speeding was a key issue. Cllr Smith said the council now had its own devices to test speeds. The council has warned speeding motorists their speed, registration number and car details will be sent to the police. Residents have been urged to report speeding cars’ details to the police by phoning 101.

Another key issue was lack of affordable homes. Cllr Smith said: “I think we’re not building enough affordable housing.”

Developers wanted to build larger houses. Wokingham Borough Council was looking at housing corporations involvement in affordable homes at the proposed large development at Grazeley.

He was asked about families in a small two up and two down in Hurst who later needed more space for a family.

Cllr Smith said they would need to consider moving to other parts of the borough.

The survey asked what new housing people would prefer in Hurst. The results were: 36% wanted more private housing, 22% self build, 22% part buy/part rent and 18% social rented. Of those who replied, five people were waiting for social housing.

Asked how many homes should be built in the next 20 years 28% said none, 30% 1-24 and 18% 25-49. Cllr Smith said there were concerns about where young people, nurses and teachers would live.  

The survey said more facilities were needed for children and young people and also for over 60s. Sports facilities and footpaths needed improving.

Local roads were congested. There were calls for better flood management.

Hurst villagers will be asked to vote on the completed Neighbourhood Plan in a referendum.

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