Thieves raid Emmbrook Post Office in early hours of this morning

Embrook Post Office
The Embrook Post Office was raided overnight

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Thieves have targetted a popular Emmbrook Post Office in an overnight raid.

The front of One Stop stores appears to have been ram raided at around 3.25am this morning.

Windows were smashed in, allowing the robbers entry.

The metal frame holding the glass windows has been severely buckled.

It is not yet known what they have taken, but the store sells a wide range of groceries as well as offering Post Office services.

Embrook Post Office
Windows and the frames for the Embrook Post Office have been badly damaged in the raid

Embrook Post Office is one of Emmbrook’s historic shops, and its official name contains the original spelling of the village.

The store was owned by Sanjay Odedra for 30 years – he celebrated this anniversary last year, but is now under new ownership. An earlier version of this story said he was still the owner. Apologies for our error.

Thames Valley Police have been contacted for a comment. More follows.

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