Thieves steal flowers from memorial bench outside Crowthorne Inn


THIEVES STOLE flowers from a memorial bench outside The Crowthorne Inn last week.

On the first anniversary of their Grandmother’s death, a local family placed commemorative flowers on a bench they commissioned in her memory.

But moments after placing the flowers, two men parked outside the pub and stole them. The family tried to stop the thieves but didn’t succeed.

The family have called the thieves “pathetic” and “disgusting” on social media, saying: “I hope you’re happy with yourself – clearly have no conscience.”

They added that they have video footage of the thieves in action, including the vehicle’s number plate.

Since the theft, a local florist from Heaven Scent Flowers has offered the family a replacement bouquet.

However, the family are worried that the theft will happen again if they replace them.

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