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This is the easiest quiz: How many pennies in a pound?

Think you're on the money? Try our latest quiz Picture: Phil Riley from Pixabay

THE quizzes we’ve been publishing over the past few weeks have ranged in difficulty, and some have had you stumped.

We’ve listened to your concerns and we’re presenting our easiest quiz ever. Not that you’ll need them, but answers next week.

1.            What was King George VI’s first name?

2.            In which month do Russians mark the October Revolution?

3.            How long did the Hundred Years War last?

4.            How many pennies are in the pound?

5.            The Canary Islands are named after which animal?

6.            Which seabird has the zoological name Puffinus puffinus?

7.            From which material are moleskin trousers made?

8.            Which country makes Panama hats?

9.            Louis XVIII was the final King of France – how many of his predecessors were called Louis?

10.          What colour is a purple finch?

11.          In the original Star Trek series, how many times did Captain Kirk say, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’?

12.          Which country are Chinese gooseberries from?

13.          What did Vikings have on their helmets?

14.          Which animal gives us catgut?

15.          How long did the 30 Year War last?

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