THUNDER WARNING: Met Office’s yellow alert for storms across Wokingham

Thunderstorm in Wokingham

A week after a spectacular thunderstorm lit up the night sky, the Met Office has issued a warning that another one may be on the way this morning.

The forecast has been made for much of the UK, and Wokingham is forecast heavy rain from around 10am this morning for two hours.

However, the storm warning lasts all day today, with other parts of the country affected tomorrow as well.

As with all weather warnings from the Met Office, storms can be highly localised and Wokingham borough may not be affected. It is also possible for one part of the borough to experience heavy rain and other parts to be dry.

The Met Office warns that there is a chance of flooding in places, with possible travel disruption.

It is also possible that there could be hail, and up to an inch of rain falling in an hour – or two inches in three hours.

If there is a storm, we welcome your weather pictures and will print a selection in Thursday’s paper.

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