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TRAVEL COUNSELLORS: Antarctica cruises with Aurora Expeditions

Ben Burgess Travel Counsellors

With Ben Burgess from Travel Counsellors

From South America, it takes less than two days’ sailing, or two hours’ flying, to enter a world that fills the heart, overloads the senses and imprints your memory forever.

The Antarctic Peninsula’s west coast offers ice-clad peaks towering over a maze of protected channels; the east coast a vast icecap and strange, fossil-rich islands.

From spring to autumn, this extraordinary landscape awakens with life as penguins, seals, petrels, and whales arrive to feed and breed.

Follow in Shackleton’s wake along the Scotia Arc, from Elephant Island to South Georgia to discover a wildlife oasis like no other.

Whether you attempt to sail south of the Antarctic Circle, be awestruck by mammoth tabular icebergs in the Weddell Sea or trek across South Georgia, the best adventures and wildlife encounters await you.

Every day Antarctica offers something exciting and unique. Landings, hopping into Zodiacs for shore excursions or an iceberg cruise.

While ashore make the most of your time visiting colonies of penguins and seals haul-outs, hiking up slopes for spectacular vistas, discovering the age of explorer’s past in historic huts, and learning from researchers in the continent’s scientific bases.

In Zodiacs, explore the spectacular glacial coastline, enjoy sculpted icebergs, and thrill to unexpected encounters with leopard seals and whales.

On board these small expedition ships, they have the freedom to go ashore at once. There are no schedules and no long queues, which means that you get out faster and can stay out longer – making the most of your time in Antarctica. All shore excursions are included in your expedition cost.

The expedition team are made up of experts such as naturalists, historians, geologists, ornithologists and polar specialists. Each one of the team members are on board to share their knowledge and offer you an educational experience during your expedition. Informal lectures will be held during sea days, in the evenings after landings, and at other available times. These lectures are not compulsory; however, its encouraged to attend to gain a better understanding of Antarctica and the places you will be visiting.

Aurora Expeditions currently has up to 15% off their Antarctic expeditions operating in the 2020-21 season, along with their 2020-21 Arctic programme.

Give us a call today to reserve your place on board an Aurora Expedition.

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