Two cars in deeply flooded ditches by side of busy Wokingham Road

Hurst car

TWO cars were in deeply flooded ditches by the side of a busy road this morning. 

It is not yet known what happened, but the cars were on the same side of the A321 Wokingham Road just outside Hurst village.

One vehicle was a silver Honda, the other a black Ford Focus.  

HUrst car
The Honda has its front bumper come off Picture: Sue Corcoran

The Honda had its front bumper torn off, while the Ford has its rear windscreen smashed and what looks like its parcel shelf sticking out. 

Both cars had police tape over them to prevent members of the public from accessing them. 

It is not yet known what time the incident took place. 

Hurst cars
The cars in the flooded ditches Pictures: Picture: Sue Corcoran

However, temperatures were below freezing last night and a patch of black ice was reported in Castle End Road from Waltham Road in nearby Ruscombe. 

More freezing weather is expected overnight and gritters will be deployed by Wokingham Borough Council.

It is not the only incident on the same stretch of road in the village over the past week. A tree brought down a power cable as a result of heavy wind and rain on Tuesday.

The road was closed while the tree was removed and power restored.

Thames Valley Police have been contacted for more information.

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