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Twyford artists team up to paint village for twin town gift

Twyford Cuiny
Sally Castle (Organiser), Hazel Evans and Chris Beck, three of the artists who contributed to the paintings of Twyford that will be taken to the village's twin town, Cuincy in France.

ON SATURDAY, October 12, visitors to a Twyford cafe enjoyed a  chance to see a special piece of art that celebrates the village and its connections with France. 

Nineteen different Twyford artists have filled a sketchbook showing scenes of the villages and surrounds, offering a unique collection of art that will be sent to the village’s twin town of Cuiny. 

And there is a reciprocal deal: artists in Cunicy have also created sketches all on the same theme of Hometown. 

The British sketchbook has now been completed and has been taken to France.

It was on display in Emma’s Kitchen, and artists who took part in the project were on hand to explain to visitors how it came about. 

Sally Castle, who organised the project on behalf of Twyford Twinning Association, said: “The idea came about when Twyford Twinning suggested getting local artists to meet up in some way with artists in Twyford’s French twin town Cuincy. 

“I suggested that artists in both towns could collaborate to fill a sketchbook of their home.

“I bought two concertina sketchbooks, one has gone to Cuincy and  I circulated the other to 19 Twyford artists who have now filled it with sketches of places and things around Twyford. 

“Both amateur and professional artists all contributed and there is a lovely mixture of styles. 

“It’s been suggested that the artwork would make a good calendar and we hope that this might be possible, in the meantime, the sketchbook was given to the Mayor of Cuincy when he visits Twyford on Friday, October 18.”

Those taking part were: Sally Castle, Lorna Minton, Hilary Kaye, Hazel Evans, Jiajia Smith, Linda Saul, Liz Chaderton, Richard Conway Jones, Robert Baldwin, Jenny Buratta, Claire Burriss, Rebecca Howard, Mary A Smith, Esté Macleod, Chris Beck, Anda Wayland, Heather McAteer, Nicky Savage and Ted Hallett.

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