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Twyford visor making team stops production after reaching 1,500 face shields

The group delivering their face visors to Age Concern

HAVING produced 1,544 face visors from his home, a project led by 16-year-old Oliver Hitchings has reached its natural end.

Starting just over three months ago Oliver Hitchings, with help from friends Oliver Beardsall and David and Elizabeth Dawkins, made face visors using a 3D printer.

The team dropped off their first batch of visors to Twyford Surgery on Thursday, April 2, and have since delivered to various front line care workers, including GPs, hospital wards, radiography departments and pharmacists.

After that, the team began receiving requests for visors from hospices, nursing and care homes, midwives, schools and pre-schools.

Lilli Hitchings, Oliver’s mother, said: “All visors have been provided free of charge because of Twyford’s amazing and overnight response to our fundraising request.

“Twyford and District Round Table very kindly gave us some money to purchase two additional 3D printers that will be sold shortly with the money going back to the Round Table.

“The people of Twyford donated money to purchase raw materials as well as replacement parts to keep our printers up and running.

“Oliver and Oliver have done an amazing job keeping them running all this time.

“I hope that together we have managed to keep Twyford and surrounding areas a little safer during the pandemic.”

The friends have now stopped production after the 1,500 milestone.

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