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The housebuilding process has been put on display in a new 'Unwrapped Home'

The unwrapped kitchen. Picture: Bovis Homes

RESIDENTS can learn how a house is built from start to finish by visiting a new home — with exposed walls and piping — in Wokingham.

Built by Bovis Homes, the Unwrapped Home project hopes to educate home buyers, pupils and tradespeople with the building process. 

The three-bedroom house has part of the walls and ceiling taken away, showing pipework, joists and wiring. 

Emily Arnold, quality control manager at Bovis Homes who led the project said: “The Unwrapped Home is unique and I believe unmatched by any other property in the industry and our region. It is special as it gives housebuilder colleagues the insight into how their home is constructed and gives full transparency into our building methods and quality. 

“The house provides an honest journey of the build. It also provides support and guidance to those who may be entering the industry for the first time, who can use it as a perfect training tool. 

“Visitors will be taken room-by-room through the housebuilding journey, ending up in the final part – a fully- dressed bedroom and bathroom, which is a great selling point.

The bedroom has been completed, showing the final stage in the house-building process. Picture: Bovis Homes

Explaining the process, she said: “I created a vision list for each room and thought about how I could showcase each stage of the build journey, considering especially the key areas of construction that our new home buyers may wish to view. Everyone always sees the freshly-painted walls but there are so many elements in the construction process that create a home. 

“I worked with our technical team, who liaised closely with our architects, to ensure the key areas were exposed without compromising on the structure of the build to ensure this was a safe environment for all audiences. Our commercial team worked on orders for our contractors, sales colleagues made sure it is in line with the external environment and the build team guaranteed, with contractors, the vision list was achieved. 

“As my role is quality control, I wanted to make sure the Unwrapped Home replicated our quality standards in-line with the regional expectations from our contractors, and the National House Building Council.” 

The house can be viewed at Bovis Homes’ Emmbrook Place, off Queens Road, Wokingham. 

 “The Unwrapped Home has plaques on the walls, similar to those on display in museums, which provide key information and describe the specification and the method work involved,” added Ms Arnold.

“Visitors would not normally be able to see a home at these stages unless they work within the industry. 

“There is also an Education Centre, which students from schools, colleges and universities can visit for educational purposes. The centre creates another environment to learn more about the Unwrapped Home and build process.” 

To view the home, visitors are asked to book ahead, via:

Visitors can book to view the Emmbrook home via the developer’s website. Picture: Bovis Homes

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