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Up to 80 new homes mooted for Wokingham town centre car park

view from denmark street
The Courtyard
The Courtyard in Wokingham’s Denamrk Street

PLANS have been drawn up to build up to 80 homes in Wokingham’s town centre.

A website has been published this morning that reveals plans to convert a car park and three buildings into the homes.

And the unnamed company behind the proposal said that the site, off Denmark Street, had been “identified by the Council as a key location for new development”.

Under the plans, three buildings – Seymour House and 3 and 4 The Courtyard, off Denmark Street – together with Euro Car Park would become a mixture of one-, two- and three-bedroom houses and be built to be sustainable, with on-site renewable energy generation and rainwater management techniques in place.

There are listed buildings around the proposed development, which is in a conservation area.

However, the documents released by the unnamed company state that there are no listed buildings on the site itself.

An aerial view of the site

The website that contains the proposals says: “The buildings will be of a traditional appearance reflecting existing buildings in the town centre and will have pitched roofs.

“Their height has been carefully considered taking into account the existing development surrounding the site and also the sloping nature of the site away from Denmark Street.”

Euro Car Parks in Denmark Street

The site would mean the end of the Euro Car Parks pay and display car park that has, for years, caused confusion with motorists who use the council-owned car park next door. However, 10 spaces that are leased by the council will be kept.

And the developers note: “This work has shown that the availability of parking supply across the town centre will always be greater than the parking demand, even at the busiest times of the week.”

The proposals aim to use an “innovative design approach that respects the historic character of the town”.

An artist’s impression of the potential new homes

The website states: “The site is previously developed, brownfield land within the centre of Wokingham which is identified by the Council as a key location for new development.

“The proposals for the site reflect these designations [from Wokingham Borough Council] and the aim to bring new homes to the town centre.”

The Wokingham Paper tried to contact the developer for a response before we went to press but were unable to do so.

For more details, or to see the plans, log on to

The former police station in Wokingham

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Chris Hunt
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George Scott

Since this was announced, various councilloras have been up in arms claiming that it’s nothing to do with them and that they do not support this in any way. Councillor Mirfin’s canpaigning leaflet delivered yesterday states:
“The planning application for Housing in Denmark Street car park DOES NOT have the support of myself or any other conservative councillors . . .”
Yet this morning The Planning and Transportation Committee submitted the following comment on the application:
PLANNING REF : 190739 PROPERTY ADDRESS : Town Hall : Mark Market Place, Wokingham : RG40 1AS SUBMITTED BY : The Wokingham Town Council P&T Committee DATE SUBMITTED : 17/04/2019 COMMENTS: The Wokingham Town Council P&T Committee fully support this application.

Albert James Hodder

I have noticed that we now allow the stallholders on the market to park their vans and lorries next to their stalls on market days some leaving oil on the new surface. I asked one stallholder who replied where else is there to park.
This shewerly is not acceptable apart from looking like a car park with tents it makes the market even less inviting.
What is wrong with our council. I wonder how many actually walk and try to shop in our town.

A resident

They can and do park in cockpit path car park

Toby Hodges

I honestly don’t understand the hate for the new houses. Places grow over time. It’s the way things have always been. Many of the people complaining about new houses live in housing estates that didn’t exist 30/40 years ago, which seems kind of hypocritical to me. Every town in the southeast is going through the same development as Wokingham. While the housing is unreasonably priced for many people and traffic is a concern, we live in an area with great transport connections – people will buy these regardless of the complaints because they need housing. Its about time people realised that Wokingham won’t, and shouldn’t, remain a small market town like it once was. More people just means more money for local businesses! Nobody gave a damn about any of the land until plans to actually do something with it were announced, then its all of a sudden ‘beloved green space’?
I also wouldn’t say walking from the multi-story carpark is that awful. Its maybe 100 meters to the town centre. However, I do understand that for elderly and disabled people this can be difficult. Hopefully the bus routes get expanded/updated to compensate.

Mark Trepte

Why bother regenerating the town, if potential shoppers have to hike from Carnival Pool to the shops and restaurants. I would question if the over capacity of parking referred to is based on today’s visitor numbers or those projected after regeneration. This car park is always busy and a good location for ‘popping’ into town, something that people will stop doing if carparks are too far away.

Angela Rawlins

Millions are being spent on re-vamping the town centre, new shops and Peach Place, who and what for?? If a desperately needed car park is to be built upon. There are workers in the town who need to park and to have places for customers to park to do their shopping.
This is total insanity in action. Some years ago, I had warned my local councillor, who frankly took no notice. We now have a town many want to move away from and there’s nothing to come into town for!

Sheila Lawrence

So disappointed with this plan! Wokingham Council is trying to encourage people to come to this town and are covering up our carparks! How ridiculous is that? I think people will stop coming if there is no where to park and will go elsewhere, which totally defeats the object! Stop developing, we have more than enough going on with all the houses being built around what used to be a lovely little market town. Such a shame!

Stuart Rawlins

I have lived in the area for 30 years and have already stopped coming into Wokingham. Just not worth the hassle.


Surely there are enough houses being built in the erea as it is. It seems any scrap of land anywhere is being developed. We don’t have the infrastructure to support the already increasing traffic. Wokingham is being ruined. In five years it will be unrecognisable.

Gary Ciwan

Disappointing as the town wants to increase its footfall to attract customers yet it did not increase the town centre car parking in its regeneration project. Now the loss of the existing car parking if this development is permitted will drive more customers elsewhere. It will be a sad day for Eokingham Yiwn, it’s traders and local residents


It’s all about revenue generation for the borough council

Keith RG40

Can’t complain, lack of people visiting and spending money in the town has caused this. If the car park was utllised then there wouldn’t be planning proposals

Stuart Rawlins

But what has caused people not coming in and spending? And it isn’t just the increase in internet shopping.

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