VALENTINE’S DAY: These are the most romantic men in Wokingham

Online card retailer Funky Pigeon says they're sending the most cards (we hope to the same person!)

LOVEBIRDS will soon be cooing their declarations of intent, as Valentine’s Day approaches on Thursday. And a new survey has found the most romantic men in the borough.

Forget the Marks & Sparks Love Sausage, forget trying to score a vegan sausage roll from Greggs, it appears that the best way to show your love on Thursday, February 14, is still sending an anonymous card.

Online card retailer Funky Pigeon, which allows customers to create personalised cards and send them via first class post – just in time for Cupid to strike them with his arrow.

The firm says it has 23 million customers and has conducted some research to find out which men in Wokingham send the most Valentine’s.


Top of the pack is Graham – if you are called Graham, you are sending the most Valentine’s cards. We hope to the same person rather than hedging your bets.

Next up is men called Paul, followed by Liam.

James is the fourth most popular and Ian comes in in fifth place.

But it turns out that women can be more romantic than the men.

A spokesperson for Funky Pigeon said: “Despite our local lovers being on top form, their female counterparts sent more cards with 72% of Valentines cards being sent by females and 28% being sent by men.”

And they’ve got the names of the women in the Reading area that send the most Valentine’s Cards.






Sarah is top of the card pops here, followed by Emma.

In third place it’s Lisa, then Rebecca and in fifth place it’s people called Sophie that are card sharp.

Funky Pigeon also had some research over Valentine’s gifts.

The spokesperson said: “The majority of Valentine’s Day flowers are sent from men, 83% whilst just 17% of women send flowers to a loved one.”

According to the firm’s research, the men who send the most are: Paul, James, Tony, Chris and Daniel.






And if your name is not on the list, Funky Pigeon has some good news.

The spokesperson said: “We have a free online tool where readers can find out where they may rank compared to their Valentine.”

You can try the name checker right here.

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