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VIEWPOINT: Brexit: what the politicians should do

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In the 2016 EU referendum Wokingham unanimously voted to remain in the EU with the outcome being 56.7% to 43.3%. Things have not changed in Wokingham buy they sure have in Westminster.

During the referendum the Prime Minister David Cameron said that this is “once in a generation decision” and the British people were told by remainers and leavers that should the UK vote to leave we will leave the single market and customs union. Sounds straightforward, right? But it’s been the opposite.

Since the Chequers deal, which was hugely rejected by Parliament, many secretaries of states in the Government have resigned, including Boris Johnson and David Davie, who are both leavers.

They all resigned because of one reason.

The deal which has been negotiated with the EU is not Brexit and a deal whom remainers and leavers discountenance.

Donald Tusk said the UK should tell the EU what we want.

Well Brexit means Brexit, that means we leave the single market and customs union and take our border and laws back.

What the UK should be doing is negotiate a Canada ++ deal where which delivers on the promises made to the British people.

We leave the single market and customs unions and above all there will be no tariffs on goods and services which will lead to the UK leaving on March 29 with a deal which is what both sides want.

So, with days left until the UK leaves the EU, what politicians from all parties should be doing is working  together and realise that the deal they want is not what 52% voted for.

It was great to see the leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn have talks with the Prime Minister, which is a massive step forward towards making sure that we get a deal.

Politicians in Westminster must remember Sir Winston Churchill working with Clement Attlee and the Labour party in his first spell which lead to Britain winning the Second World War.

Finally, if there is one message from the British electorate to politicians in Westminster it Is “coming together is a beginning keeping together is progress and working together is success”.

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