Villagers give Twyford’s new Post Office their stamp of approval

New postmaster also runs Maiden Place Post Office in Lower Earley

VILLAGERS have given Twyford’s new Post Office the stamp of approval.

It follows the sudden closure of the service three months ago which meant people having to travel to Hurst or Woodley.

There were fears Twyford would suffer the same fate of other communities where the last post had been sounded on the vital service.

However, new postmaster, Amajeet Malhotra, said locals had been flocking to the London Road shop which offers a wide range of services.

“The response has been wonderful,” he said.

“People have been popping in and telling us how glad they are to have the Post Office again. It is so important to Twyford and we are delighted at the warm and friendly reception we have had.”

Local councillor, Lindsay Ferris said he was glad to know Twyford had a full postal service operating gain.

“I noticed people going into the shop so I popped my head round the door to see Amajeet stocking the shelves,” he added.

“A local Post Office is absolutely essential, especially for elderly people or those without their own transport. It saves the bother of having to go to Hurst or Woodley which is made even worse in bad weather.

“Everyone I have spoken to is delighted to know the Post Office is once again a feature in Twyford.”

Amajeet, who is also the postmaster at the Maiden Place Post Office in Lower Earley said the Twyford branch will include banking, car tax, lottery with Euros and Dollar currency exchanges.

It will be open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12.30pm on Saturdays.

Phil Creighton

Editor of The Wokingham Paper, and has worked in local journalism for more than 20 years including the Wokingham Times, Bracknell Standard and Reading Evening Post. He's also written for computer magazines, The Baptist Times and, to his delight and probably not yours, interviewed several Doctor Whos.

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