VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: A wonderful weekend brought to book

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTON www.stphotos.co.uk

LAST weekend, avid young readers flocked to Wokingham to celebrate reading.

The second children’s book festival organised by, among others, Wokingham Town Council and Wokingham Borough Libraries, was a wonderful celebration of the printed word – and proves that even in this digital age, nothing beats the power of a book.

From the authors who visited, the workshops ran and the books sold (thanks WH Smith), the two-day event was a must-read.

Events such as this are truly important. Just as panto is often children’s first introduction to live theatre, having the opportunity to meet authors and illustrators will open the minds of youngsters even more.

The weekend was a mixture of stories and fun with inspiration and imagination.
It is a delight to be able to celebrate such an event.

As we move into half-term, why not treat our borough’s youngsters not with a penny for the guy, but a book for the mind?


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