VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: An impossible mission – give up!

NEWS that hardcore Brexiters are looking to usurp Dr Phillip Lee from his Bracknell seat is disappointing and a sad day for democracy.

Regardless of how you voted in the 2016 referendum, the idea that MPs have been trying to block Brexit is a malicious falsehood that has been allowed to fester.

In its trail comes ridiculous suggestions that people who are trying to do the right thing are traitors.

There is nothing traitorous about holding something up to the light and ensuring that it is what it claims to be.

And for those who think that leaving the European Union is the will of the people, it is nothing but. The 2016 referendum made clear that a deal would be negotiated before we left.

Local MP Theresa May has had an impossible job these past three years. She has attempted to square a circle in a bid to please all sides.

She has not been able to do so: for some, the Brexit porridge is too hot. For others, it’s too cold. It is just right for none.

Mrs May is a dedicated public servant who has tried her best.

But she’s failed, ultimately because the hard-fought peace that led to the creation of the Common Market is a prize that too many of us value.

She should stop looking for the impossible and move us all on.

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  1. The referendum was in or out, a deal was not part of the referendum. How can you vote on an unknown deal? ? The deal negotiated suites the EU, it is bad for the UK. I use the word negotiate lightly as it should really be capitulated.

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