VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: Concerns of Grazeley villagers must be heard

Grazeley Housing Protest

IT SHOULD come as little surprise that residents of Grazeley are concerned over plans to plonk 15,000 homes on their village.

The plans would be enough to concern anyone, but the Grazeley villagers have extra cause to be fearful.

wenty years ago, Sir John Redwood planted a tree to promise that there would never be any development in the village.

And now the fields that surround that tree are under threat.

The problem lies not with the council, but with the Government. Its tone-deaf approach on housing numbers means that we, as a borough, are seeing our rural nature completely changed for the sake of targets.

The draft local plan consultation launches next week. Somehow we must all use our collective voices to remind central government that enough is enough.

Over the next few weeks, we will look at different issues raised in the draft plan – make sure you add your voice, and help Grazeley residents be heard.

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