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VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: Don’t give in to the temptation of sticking with what you know, move with the times

Wokingham Winter Carnival
The 2019 Wokingham Winter Carnival

SATURDAY saw Woodley’s lights switched-on, Sunday was the annual Wokingham Winter Carnival.

Both events were brilliant – and they moved with the times too.

New faces can bring fresh ideas and smarten things up.

The light switch-on saw a new, large lever installed to add theatre to carols and festivities.

There were new attractions at the Winter Carnival – and Peach Place was buzzing, in use for the first time.

Both Woodley town centre manager Brian Fennelly and the Winter Carnival team should be congratulated for their efforts and being prepared to innovate.

Standing still is not an option.

It is always tempting to stick with what you know and back the same routine. But it can, and does, become stale. Sometimes, it can even lead to entropy – people demanding things stay the same, while the rest of the world has moved on.

So it is pleasing that these humble charity events, that are backed by so many and do so much good, have received praise this week.

We are pleased to add our voice of praise to the organisers.

The challenge to us is to look at what we have in Wokingham and ask ourselves what can we change to make the borough even better?

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