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VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: Let’s get behind the Denmark Street plan

Denmark Street Wokingham
A trial of pedestrianising Denmark Street took place on Friday and Saturday Picture: Phil Creighton

ON FRIDAY and Saturday, Wokingham’s town centre looked a little different.

Denmark Street was partially pedestrianised – we think this move should be welcomed.

It was a trial and for limited hours, but it’s enough to see what difference it would make, not just to the new normal, but in the longer-term too.

We love shopping in Wokingham, Woodley and Twyford. Each has their charms and each their benefits.

We should be proud of the range of independent shops, chain stores and, yes, the charity shops and coffee shops.

But both Twyford and Wokingham suffer from not being able to offer a completely safe shopping experience.

While Twyford’s crossroads are an essential route through the village, Wokingham town centre can, with some ingenuity, be bypassed.

It will get easier once the new distributor roads are complete, but for now we have to make do.

The plan to allow pedestrians to use the road, and cafes and bars to create pop-up pavement cafes is a great one.

Yes, it was a little different, but we think once we’ve given the changes a go we will wonder why we’ve never done it before.

Let’s give it a go with confidence.

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Jess Warren
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Keith Carter

Once we have an IDR /SDR then maybe OK to close. But not before.


Great idea, pedestrianising this part of Wokingham makes it much more pleasant and means you can actually use the very narrow pavements in Denmark street and socially distance without being run over. Its almost impossible to get to any of the shops on Denmark street whilst maintaining a safe distance without having to walk in the road, which is lethal with the cars driving down.

It also reduces pollution and noise when you’re in the marketplace area. A town like Wokingham was never designed to have so many cars a day driving through it. Hopefully with the opening of the North and South distributor roads we ease congestion a bit more.

Lets hope the council can be forward thinking enough to make this change permanent.


Totally wrong decission & to think otherwise shows that those people know nothing about Denmark Street.

Wokingham was never meant to be a pedestrianised town it’s too old for that, unlike new town Bracknell.

This isn’t a trial WBC have already made the decision I bet.

This will massively effect the traders in Denmark Street a lot of whom don’t have rear access so can’t get deliveries on Fridays if the road is closed. WBC didn’t think of that did they. They don’t think of the traders of Denmark Street ever.

From working in Denmark Street I see how many emergency vehicles pass every day. To stop traffic using n important through road is absurd. WBC haven’t got the new infrastructure done so a trial shouldn’t take place.

Social distancing is the responsibiltly of each & everyone of us. Scientists have said if you wear face coverings then passing someone in the street for a second isn’t a problem it only becomes dangerous if you are too close for 15 mins+. Perhaps the issue is that not enough people are wearing face coverings.

Going to Wokingham (opening shops etc) is not meant to be a family outing so using the excuse of it’s dangerous for children is not going to wash. Take children to parks, the countryside etc not town centres.

We have already lost 1 business in Denmark Street over lockdown & I don’t think it will be the last. Closing the road on Fridays/Saturdays will be the nail in the coffin.

Angie Turton

What a total mess up for the emergency services trying to get through Wokingham with all the traffic down to a single lane !! Have Wokingham borough council thought of that ??


Was so nice with the reduced traffic.

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