VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: Time to call on the Street Pastors

ENOUGH is enough.

Consistently over the past few weeks we have reported on a steady stream of attacks, petty vandalism and yobbery throughout the borough.

We’re aware that it’s the tip of the iceberg: many more reports are cropping up on social media. As we can’t verify them we can’t report on them.

It’s clear that something is wrong right now. It’s more than just a lack of bobbies on the beat. It’s more than a lack of CCTV.

If people think they can get away with it, they are more likely to try.

The vandalism that we are reporting on this week cannot be accidental: damaging heavy duty windows with safety coatings is not something done on a whim.

Someone went through the thought process and attempting to damage someone else’s property.

It’s impossible to know what they were thinking, just as it’s impossible to know what went through the minds of the vandals who attacked the Christmas tree.

So what is the answer?

Some have called for vigilante patrols. Some have called for a stronger police presence. Some have called for political solutions.

Perhaps a good first step would be Street Pastors walking in Wokingham on a Friday and Saturday night?

CCTV may help but it’s not a magic bullet. But having people on hand could help.

Is anyone up to the challenge?

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