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VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: To work together don’t be political

Housing Numbers leaflet

AN ELECTION leaflet is being circulated in Shinfield that touches on one of the biggest issues between now and May 2: housing numbers.

We all know that Wokingham has taken far more than its fair share and what makes the borough so special is in serious risk unless housing policy is changed.

The completely ludicrous idea to convert Denmark Street’s car park into 77 flats is one example of this.

So we fully support any attempt by councillors to make the Government see sense on its broken housing policy.

What we have is not fit for purpose.

But to ensure that everyone can play ball, it has to be completely neutral.

The leaflet that has been delivered to homes in Shinfield says: “We are proposing a special consultation as soon as possible on ‘Do you support the Conservatives opposition to the Government’s imposed housing

By inserting the party’s name, it makes this political, and immediately means opposition parties and independent councillors and candidates are snubbed.

This is a foolhardy motion.

If, after the local elections, it remains with this wording, we cannot endorse this approach. Wokingham needs a united front, not more political willy waving.

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