VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: Whatever you think, make sure you vote

Polling Station

THIS Thursday, the phoney war is over and it is up to you to decide.

Polling stations will be open from the early hours through to the bitter end – and we’ll then be at the Wokingham count, bringing you live coverage throughout the night.

This is a funny old election, both needed and unnecessary.

The previous parliament, contrary to popular opinion, had been trying to do its job. It had wanted more time to scrutinise Johnson’s ‘oven-ready microwave’ Brexit deal but was prevented from doing so after Johnson – the man who stood outside 10 Downing Street and said he didn’t want an election – called for one.

So here we are. Seven days from polling day and we are asked to vote on more than just the Brexit folly that threatens the Union that binds this Kingdom together.

Who do you think will be best for the NHS, on taxes, on public services, on social care and on education?

Who do you think will best represent you, be you living in Maidenhead, Reading East, Bracknell or Wokingham?

This election was launched as we stood around the Cenotaph and war memorials.  They are a reminder that millions fought to give us freedom – freedom from tyranny, freedom to choose and a freedom to vote.

The Wokingham Paper will never tell you how to vote. The current political situation may be frustrating, but we must do our duty: get to the stations and vote.

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