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VOTE 2017 – Wokingham Borough results


There are four seats that cover Wokingham borough – Wokingham, Bracknell, Reading East and Maidenhead.

Three of the four MPs were returned in the 2017 June General Election, but one, Rob Wilson, was ousted by Matt Rodda.

This means that we now have three Conservative MPs – Theresa May, John Redwood and Dr Phillip Lee – and one Labour MP.

Here are the votes from the four constituencies.


PartyCandidateVotes%+/- %
CnsertivaesDr Phillip Lee32,88258.8+3.1
LabourPaul Bidwell16,86630.2+13.3
Liberal DemocratPatrick Smith4,1867.50.0
UKIPLen Amos1,5212.7-13.0
IndependentOlivio Barreto4370.8+0.8

Conservative majority: 16,016

Turnout 70.6%


PartyCandidateVotes%+/- %
ConservativeTheresa May37,71864.8-1.1
LabourPat McDonald11,26119.3+7,5
Liberal DemocratsTony Hill6,54011.2+1.3
GreenDerek Wall9071.6-2.0
UKIPGerard Batten8711.5-6.9
Animal WelfareAndrew Knight2820.5+0.5
Lord BucketheadLord Buckethead2490.4+0.4
IndependentGrant Smith1520.3+0.3
Monster Raving LoonyHowling Laud Hope1190.2+0.2
Christian Peoples AllianceEdmonds Victor
The Just Political PartyJulian Reid520.1+0.1
IndependentYemi Hailermariam1600
Give Me Back ElmoBobby Smith300

Conservative majority: 26,457

Turnout 76.4%

Reading East

PartyCandidateVotes %+/- %
LabourMatt Rodda27,09349.0+16
ConservativesRob Wilson23,34442.3-3.7
Liberal DemocratsJenny Woods3,3786.1-1.2
GreensKizzi Johannessen1,0932.0-4.4
IndependentMichael Turberville1880.3+0.3
Active Democracy PartyAndy Kirkwood1420.3+0.3

Labour majority: 3,749

Turnout 73.1%


PartyCandidateVotes%+/- %
ConservativeJohn Redwood33,80656.6-1.1
LabourAndy Croy15,00825.1+10.6
Liberal DemocratsClive Jones9,51215.9+2.4
GreensRussell Seymour1,3642.3-1.5

Conservative majority: 18,798

Turnout 75.1%

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