VOTE 2018 – Arborfield ward IND HOLD

Arborfield ward in Wokingham borough

Gary Cowan is defending the seat. He used to be a Conservative but quit the party in 2016. Since then he has served as an independent councillor.

This year’s result

Gary Cowan, Independent540
David Edmunds, Conservative223
Chris Everett, Labour48

Turn out 41%

Previous results

This year’s candidates

Gary Cowan, Independent

Having represented Arborfield as their Borough Councillor for the last 21 years I would like to continue as in Arborfield there is much more to be done.

As an independent Councillor I am only answerable to my residents no one else. I am not tied to party so I do not have to toe party lines which can conflict with local residents issues. Independents understand their communities and local issues and can therefore champion local causes.

Besides my local responsibilities as an Independent Councillor which supports our schools and the village bypass to name just two my manifesto extends to the following specific areas

  • Challenge the gravel extraction and cement production at Bridge Farm and its environmental damage
  • Challenge the proposed 15,000 houses proposed for Grazeley along with the University of Reading’s proposals for large scale development in the local area
  • Also oppose the 190 houses being considered on School Road.
David Edmonds

David Edmonds, Conservatives

Awaiting biography from candidate




Chris Everett
Chris Everett

Chris Everett, Labour

Chris is a recently retired IT Project Manager who has lived in Wokingham for four years.

Having worked for Housing Associations and Local Authorities he has a keen understanding of the pressures faced by local government and the social housing sector in particular.

Since retirement, Chris has been an active campaigner for Labour all over the Borough.

More recently he has been campaigning against school cuts hitting Wokingham’s schools.

“With only one Labour councillor on the borough council, it vital we elect a second Labour councillor to help scrutinise the Tories properly. The obscenity of Tories voting themselves more money, year after year, while cutting essential services elsewhere, has to stop”.


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