VOTE 2019: Brexit Party candidate for Reading East milkshaked in town centre attack on street stall

CAMPAIGNERS for The Brexit Party’s in Reading East were ‘milkshaked’ as they canvassed for votes in a busy town centre.

The attack is alleged to have taken place around 3.45pm on Sunday, November 17, in Reading’s Broad Street, outside The Oracle shopping centre.

The party’s candidate Mitch Feierstein and his supporters were handing out leaflets, stickers, flags and promotional bugs to promote their message when the incident happened.

Mr Feierstein, who has worked in global finance for nearly 40 years, is a fund manager and regularly appears on international television, told The Wokingham Paper: “A white male with dyed-blond hair came by the table where I was campaigning outside The Oracle building and repeatedly screamed, ‘F–k you! F–k the Brexit Party! and F–k Nigel Farage.’

The damage to the street stall run by The Brexit Party Picture: Teresa Fahy

He continued: “The man was carrying a container in his hand, which he threw at me from six feet. He missed but still managed to damage my property, including Brexit Party-branded items that were resting on the table, before running away.

“The Police are currently examining CCTV footage to identify him and his whereabouts.”

Photos taken by Brexit Party supporter Teresa Fahy and posted on Twitter show that it was a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake and the spillage ruined some of the canvassing data that the party had collected on a clipboard.

Stickers, leaflets and promotional material was damaged in the ‘milkshaking’ attack Picture: Teresa Fahy

“To peacefully protest, to express dissent, to engage in political discourse, these are the building blocks of any democracy,” Mr Feierstein said.

“However, assaulting political candidates, destroying property, and impeding lawful campaigning – seriously? What happened today is a criminal offence.

“It is undemocratic, repugnant, and is not to be tolerated by any civil society.

“I am beyond words.”

He added: “Is it today’s reality that a Brexit party Parliamentary candidate should be fearful and denied democratic process?”


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  • I do hope that TVP tell them that, due to cuts, they have better things to investigate than a few stickers getting milkshake on them.
    Shame he missed smacking them in the face with it.
    Reading doesn't want Fascists, if I was them, I wouldn't waste my deposit standing.

    • Excuse me? The fascist was the one who threw the milkshake! We have too many far left nutters in this constituency. Most of them who don't pay council tax, may I add. Do you even pay council tax? I had to be forced to read a label on our traffic lights that said Punch Nazis on remembrance day! My grandfather was Dutch Resistance, and woe betide your generation for desecrating his name, and making a mockery of what he went through! If he was still here, you would know about it!

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