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VOTE 2019: Conservatives invite Wokingham residents to leave their questions for Sir John Redwood

Sir John
The banner produced by Wokingham Conservative inviting people to ask questions to Sir John Redwood
General Election 2019

WOKINGHAM’S Conservatives are inviting borough residents to ask their questions to Sir John Redwood via a social media page. 

Using the hashtag #askjohn, people can post on Wokingham Town Conservatives and Wokingham Borough Conservative Newsfeed to leave their queries. 

The party said: “On December 12 you will have your say at the next general election. Take this opportunity to ask John Redwood a question on the future of our community. All questions will be put to John and his answers will follow.”

Gregor Murray, a Conservative councillor for Norreys, is helping Sir John collate the questions and provide the answers. 

Responding to one thread, he said: “We plan to be filming John answering many of the questions so you can see him answering them”.

Some of the questioners are taking the opportunity to have a bit of mischief while others have asked more serious questions. 

Questions left so far include: 

  • “I’d like to ask John if he’s going to congratulate Phillip Lee when he takes the seat for Wokingham 👍 #askjohn”
  • “What happened to all the money Wokingham Council made out of the sale of council houses it certainly wasnt used as promised to build more council houses .Also when are the rubbish housing associations going to be sorted and stop conning tenants”
  • “I would like to #askjohn why he voted the opposite way to his constituency in Brexit ….. His job should be to represent his constituents views not his own.”
  • ” I would like to ask #askjohn what he will do to curb the new development in WOKINGHAM and housing expansion . We are now at the point where the roads are not sustaining the traffic and delays are beyond the pail. How can you intervene in policy to stop further expansion. Thank you”
  • “how do you have the time for the extremely demanding job of MP when you also have other positions which presumably are also very demanding to warrant the payment you get in excess of £200k per year?”
  • “How come over 60% of Wokingham voted remain and yet you campaign to leave?
  • “Why have you consistently voted to sell off the UK’s last ancient woodlands and forests?
    Why is you voting record on environmental issues appalling?
    Why do you pass the buck on climate change to China when, historically we have emitted more CO2 over time than them?
    Why dont you represent the people of Wokingham when it is your job?”
  • “I would like to #askjohn what benefits #Brexit will bring to our community. Everything I have seen indicates that businesses will incur more costs without getting any benefit. I would really like to know why anyone thinks it’s a good idea. Serious question.”
  • “why wouldn’t you stand up for your constituents regarding the quarry until after it had been rejected by the planning committee? Was it poor judgement or a showing of true colours that you dont actually care?”
  • “I’d like to ask John what he feels he can do to win back the confidence of the voters in Wokingham? I vote Conservative but feel you are like Mickey Mouse in The theme Parks, hardly ever seen. You need to be out and about more and more approachable and being seen to show you actually give a damn”
  • “What did you agree to do in order to get your knighthood? It certainly wasn’t for service to your constituents”
  • “the Lib Dems are promising 35 hours of childcare from 9 months old (the point when maternity pay stops) Labour are also increasing the offer. What are your party doing? Given that the gender pay gap at your investment management firm is over 37% and increasing, doesn’t childcare seem like a good starting point to address it?”
  • “what he’d like for his leaving present on 13th December”
  • “Hello John, with the towns population expanding very rapidly, are there going to be more police on the streets? Suddenly Wokingham is not the town it used to be and sadly I don’t feel as safe as I always have in the 40 years I have lived here. Thanks”
  • “Why did you not vote to protect the NHS? I am pro Brexit but I won’t vote for the NHS to be sold off to the US. Their healthcare costs are horrific. $500 dollars for an EpiPen that cost $50 10 years ago.”
  • “My question in two parts a) How many jobs will Brexit create in our area? b) how many local companies will be negatively affected by Brexit?”
  • “When are we going to see SUBSTANTIATED benefits to Brexit? Because all I have seen is an ever growing list of problems – jobs going abroad, the pound plummeting, NHS staff leaving in droves, the Scots and Irish seriously angry, our businesses being hit by higher costs and more red tape, our traders, manufacturers, farmers and fishermen about to be hit by tariffs and quotas imposed by the unelected WTO, and numerous good things we enjoy from free movement to pet passports and cheap booze being needlessly thrown away. 🙁
    Your ERG chums, their deceit and incompetence, have just made our country into a laughing stock and failed totally to deliver their promises to the electorate. Bleating on about “we voted to leave” and “reclaiming out sovereignty” just isn’t good enough – Brexit ISN’T working, never could work, and will only harm the country and most of its population. But, so what, you’ll be just fine, won’t you, Mr Redwood?”

Questions can be left for Sir John using the #askjohn hashtag on Wokingham Borough Conservatives Newsfeed

The other candidates standing in Wokingham parliamentary constituency are: Kizzi Johannessen (Green), Dr Phillip Lee (Lib Dems), Dr Annette Medhurst (Labour), Annabel Mullin (Advance Together).

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