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VOTE 2019: Could it snow on election day?

Snow carried on falling in Wokingham on Friday - it wasn't forecast
General Election 2019

Could it snow in Wokingham on election day?


Advance weather forecasts are showing that the cold weather will return next week, with temperatures dropping even further.

And early weather charts are showing the right kind of conditions for snow around Thursday, December 12 to Saturday, December 14.

At the moment, the BBC’s long-range weather forecast is suggesting that it will rain for much of Thursday, December 12, but it will turn to sleet as the day goes on. It will be a very miserable polling day. (In the course of writing this story, the BBC Weather app has again updated still showing sleet but for a shorter amount of time).

The BBC weather app is suggesting that Thursday, December 12 will see sleet showers across Wokingham

The Met Office is not showing its forecast beyond Monday, December 9, but it is warning in its advance forecast that “temperatures are likely to remain at or slightly below normal with occasional milder interludes, mainly in the south” and that “the more changeable theme is likely to persist with spells of more organised cloud, rain and stronger winds followed by some brighter, showery and colder interludes”.

Snow is difficult to forecast and can be highly localised. When it snowed in Wokingham earlier this year, sledging took place in Joel Park – but in neighbouring Reading, it was raining.

However, some early forecasts for what the weather could do next week are suggesting that the band of rain predicted for next Thursday could turn into a band of heavy snow over much of the south of the country, with Wokingham borough on the edge.

It is important to stress that this is an early forecast and it could come to nothing.

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