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VOTE 2019: Dr Annette Medhurst: ‘Poverty does exist in Wokingham, I see it all the time’

Dr Annette Medhurst
Wokingham Labour candidate in the 2019 General Election, Dr Annette Medhurst
General Election 2019

LABOUR’S candidate for Wokingham said that the party’s manifesto – which includes universal broadband and more funding for the NHS – is resonating with people on the doorsteps.

Dr Annette Medhurst, who lives in Woosehill, added that she didn’t see the election as a two-horse race between Dr Phillip Lee and Sir John Redwood and that Labour, who came second in 2015, were very much a contender.

“A lot of people have seen years and years of cuts. Poverty does exist here, I see it all the time,” she said. People are really worried.

“There is a strong feeling that this is the time to invest in all those public services. People are very positive [about our manifesto].

“Labour’s message is resonating on the doorsteps. It’s good for us, it’s a strong, positive message to get across and it makes our job easier.”

And Dr Medhurst also feels that being a borough resident is also a strong point for her.

“People have said that because I live in the community that’s really important for them,” she said.

And as for calls for Wokingham residents to vote tactically if they didn’t want to see Sir John elected again?

“It’s not the message I’m getting on the doorstep. I don’t see it as a two-horse race,” she said.

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