VOTE 2019: Dr Phillip Lee on close Wokingham poll – ‘It reflects what we’re hearing on the doorstep’

Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Phillip Lee pictured at a protest against the poroguing of Parliament Picture: Phil Creighton/The Wokingham Paper

ONE OF the candidates for Wokingham’s parliamentary seat has said that he’s not surprised with the latest opinion poll showing that it will be close-run election. 

Dr Phillip Lee, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats, is taking on Conservative incumbent Sir John Redwood. Labour has announced that its candidate is Dr Annette Medhurst. 

The General Election will be held on Thursday, December 12, and the poll by Survation revealed that 42% of people intend to vote for Sir John, while 38% would vote for Dr Lee. Labour would have 12% of the vote if the opinion poll was translated into actual votes. 

Dr Lee said: “This poll reflects what we are seeing on the doorstep.  

“On the one hand, many voters are telling us they have been lifelong Conservatives but can no longer support a party that, with John Redwood’s enthusiastic support, Boris Johnson is moving away from its previous core values of decency and tolerance. 

“Meanwhile, former Labour voters, reluctant to endorse Jeremy Corbyn, realise that the best way to defeat the current Tory MP is to lend their vote on this occasion to the Liberal Democrats.

“The choice on 12th December is simple: do the people of Wokingham want a LibDem vision of the future, with a fairer, confident Britain taking its place in the world, or do they want a Conservative vision of the past.”

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Campaign group Leave.EU wants the Conservatives and The Brexit Party to agree to a pact in the same way that the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru have agreed to work together in a Remain alliance.

A statement on its website, backed up with a tweet says: “The move highlights the fact that Remain are organised and willing to put aside differences. This is precisely what the Conservatives and Brexit Party need to do.

“Failure to do so could see committed Brexiteers such as Andrea Jenkyns and John Redwood lose their seats in marginal constituencies.

“The failure of the Tories and the BXP to form a non-aggression pact would not only be illogical, but it could put the Brexit in mortal danger. It’s time to talk.”

Sir John Redwood and Wokingham Labour have been contacted for a response. At the time of writing, no other candidates had been announced for the Wokingham parliamentary seat.


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